Dr Mallett & Staff

Family Medicine is the medical specialty which provides continuing comprehensive health care for the individual and the family. The patient-physician relationship is the focal point of our specialty with each patient viewed within the framework of their immediate and extended family. It is to the degree that this relationship is valued, developed, nurtured and maintained that distinguishes family medicine from all other specialties.

Historically, the family physician has been a central figure in the lives of American families. Often physicians delivered multiple generations of babies and provided healthcare throughout childhood, adulthood and into retirement. They were the individuals that families turned to in times of crisis and joy and were considered a trusted confidant.

As a family physician, I strive to continue this same type of care for my patients. I have had the opportunity to be a part of many of my patients’ lives for over 30 years. Babies that I delivered are now starting their own families. Couples have retired, lost parents or spouses, and become proud grandparents. Life goes on. Good consistent healthcare is more important than ever with the increasing pressures of work, finances and family. We are living longer with more opportunities than our parents and grandparents, but are we living better?

Technology has brought many wonderful advances in medicine over the last 60 years. With this technology comes the increasing need to have a single advocate, the Family Physician, to help individuals and families not only promote good health and well being but also navigate medical sources and services as necessary. The need to have a central physician monitoring a patient’s medications, procedures and care is especially vital at a time when healthcare costs have become such a crucial element in all of our lives.

It has always been my honor and pleasure to have the trust and loyalty of my patients. My personal viewpoint toward my patients has been to care for them as if they were a member of my family and hopefully teach them how to be good stewards of their own health and well being.
Charles Mallett, M.D.

Dr. Mallett is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine. He has been serving central Texas patients over 29 years.